Some of Ayurveda’s most beneficial ingredients are used in our Botanicals range of herbal infusions that helps detox, strengthen immunity and revitalise you from within. The range is processed and packed exclusively at our production facility in the Nilgiri mountains. The ideal environmental conditions of the area help us preserve the inherent characteristics and natural essence of tea leaves and herbs.


The immune system is the body’s centre for health and wellbeing and benefits deeply from the antiviral and antioxidant-rich nature of this blend. Two golden secrets of Ayurveda – Sunthi ( Ginger ) and Haridra ( Turmeric ) – come together to nourish you with every sip. In addition to their strong antiviral properties, both ingredients are known to strengthen the body’s core strength by helping absorb nutrients better. If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, you can rest assured Ayurveda holds a holistic answer.


A collection of Ayurveda’s most beneficial ingredients come together in this wonderful blend that cleanses, relaxes and revitalises you from within. The flavourful combination elegantly mixes Haridra ( Turmeric ) , Ashwagandha, Avartaki ( Lemongrass ) , Marich ( Pepper ) and Yasthi Madhu( Licorice ) to create a concoction that can rid the body of toxins and everything unnecessary. Detox tea looks to make one feel more energetic, while also reducing bloating. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a healthy start to the day.

Rejuvenate (Kashmiri Kahwa)

Rejuvenate as you enjoy sips full of flavour with this regional delicacy that warms the body and the soul. A world-famous delight, Kashmiri Kahwa or Kehwa chai is a type of green tea infused with whole spices, pure Nagakeshara ( Saffron ) and Shatapatri ( Rose Flowers ) for a beautiful heady aroma. Traditionally prepared in a Samovar or a brass kettle, it is a very popular health beverage from the valley of Kashmir. With ingredients revered in Ayurveda for their health benefits, Kahwa ensures rejuvenation and helps improve digestion. Every spice in every sip boosts metabolism and energy.